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The European Night of Museums - Animated Poster

The European Night of Museums - Animated Poster

Théo Weitmann
by weitmannprod on 6 May 2024

For a school project, I had the opportunity to design the animated poster for the 20th edition of the European Night of Museums, scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2024. This poster will be displayed on urban digital advertising screens and on social media as part of an initiative by the Ministry of Culture and Communica

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I imagined an immersive journey through a museum where the viewer is invited to wander through different artistic landscapes, each representing a specific artistic movement or a unique exploration of creativity. This experience is designed as a journey through time and space of art, where each artwork and every detail contributes to enriching the understanding of human creativity.

Through this animated poster, I sought to capture the idea that visiting a museum is much more than just an outing; it's a deep dive into the history and expression of humanity. Each gallery becomes a page in a living storybook, and each artwork is an invitation to explore new realms of thought and feeling.

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