Modular Rock

Modular Rock

by schultc8 on 1 Sep 2021

3D sculpt of a turquoise

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This was the first 3D sculpting project I've ever created. For this reason, I experienced a learning curve when creating this project where I had to learn the basics of 3D modeling software. In my case, I used Nomad for iPad. Luckily, Nomad is pretty user friendly and with practice, I was able to grasp the basics. The most difficult concept for me to understand at first was subdivisions. While creating this project, I subdivided to quickly and then it was much more difficult to manipulate the mesh. I overcame this by going down a couple subdivision levels to get the remainder of the larger details done, then went back up. I also struggled to understand alphas and how they worked. For all of these reasons, my process was slow and a bit frustrating but was necessary to learn the software. This experience served as the basis for the projects that followed, and each time I learned more that I knew before and was able to speed up my process.

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