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BloodBorne inspired Great One

BloodBorne inspired Great One

Mikele Mahchi Saba
by MikeleMahchi on 24 Aug 2021

This is a rework from a previous sculpt i made a year ago, inspired by the great ones of the videogame "BloodBorne"

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This is a rework from a previous sculpt, inspired by the great ones of the videogame "BloodBorne"

The Great Ones design is completely original, I used as inspiration the traditional concept of a demon but adding some characteristics from snails and leeches for the design of the face, the wings are made of bone and its legs resemble a dinosaur’s leg. The skin is textured to resemble dry cracked rocks, like the ones you see near volcanoes.

i first made a base mesh in Maya, were I took close care of the topology and made the UVs, the i took the mesh into Zbrush to start sculpting the details. I then baked a displacement map from the high poly mesh and added it to the low mesh in Maya. I took the high poly into substance painter to add the textures and in the end, it was all rendered in Maya using Arnold.

This is the Zbrush rough concept before detailing

The following is the Turntable

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