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Project "Parallel" - Vehicle Art

Project "Parallel" - Vehicle Art

Kristin Nikolaeva Naydenova
by kristinnay on 16 Aug 2021

(Y2/Block C, D) Project "Parallel" was the first big group project I participated in (Year 2 - 4 months total). My team and I had to create a short game/demo from scratch. My task as a prop/environment artist was to create 3 distinguished spaceships based on a list of criteria.

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"Parallel" a BUas university project - Vehicle Art

A second year project (4 months), in which we had to pitch a concept, research and create a demo of a game based on set criteria given by the university.

The first part of the project (2 months) was dedicated to researching, designing and polishing an asset in order to establish a pipeline that was going to be later on used for the development of future assets of this kind. During that time I created the "Fast vehicle" you are going to see further down the project.
The second part of the project (2 months) was more focused on teamwork and working with other disciplines. During that time I had to create two more vehicles that fit certain profiles based on a set of features given to me by the design team.

Space Racer - Standard

The purpose of the standard vehicle was to welcome new players to the game. I had to convey that characteristic visually by creating an asset that represented the balance between speed and control.

I created several different playable variations (skins) for the Standard vehicle, using Substance Painter as a main software for the task.

I have applied the same approach to the rest of the vehicles.

Space Racer - Quick

The fast vehicle was a small and quick ship that combined speed and maneuver.

I interpreted that trait by creating a smaller and more aggressive looking vehicle with sharp edges and dynamic shapes.

My main point of inspiration came from the Gundam franchise. 

Space Racer - Heavy

The heavy vehicle is characterized with fast speed and momentum, but is considerably harder to navigate by the pilot.

I decided to make this vehicle bigger than the rest and bulkier to represent the traits of a powerful, but heavy machine.

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