#WeeklyDrills 059 - Treasure Map

#WeeklyDrills 059 - Treasure Map

Tom Römer
by tomroemer on 21 Jun 2021

For this week's drill, I created a still life of a treasure hunter's desk. I used Maya, Substance Painter, Quixel (the books and the wood texture), Affinity Photo, Arnold and Nuke.

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The treasure hunter is staying in Sri Lanka at the moment after following a clue there.
He's trying to figure out where to go next: either Iran or the north of Madagascar.  
He'll have to call Tomasy, a Malagasy archeologist for some more information about Madagascar and the town Andasoa where there might be some treasure buried.

I found this really cool website that has a lot of high-res maps, aerial photos, nautical maps, and more.

I drew some markings on the map to add some storytelling and recreated the American, French, and English passport in Affinity Photo to indicate that the treasure hunter is a little shady and not always completely lawful.

I used a modified version of the compass I created for the 55th drill and re-used the cellphone that I created for the 34th drill (Isometric Room).

Below is my reference board.

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