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Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

Manuel Scussel
by 04irale, Ktreloar, and ManuelScussel on 6 May 2021

This gaming chair was for a university project. I was tasked with making a bedroom and the assets inside. The environment was for a lo-fi music video for a public screen. The video is with the character drawing while listening to music, and a two-tailed wolf on the bed, chilling.

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The final version of the room (wolf and character included). 

I did most of the assets. All the big ones.

Except for the plants (done by Kaleb Treloar, a collaborator, who also rendered all this in Unreal Engine 4 and lead of the project), 6 of the posters' designs (done by 2D artists, not on the site), the character and the wolf (done by Ben Roe, collaborator), most of the books (an Unreal Engine asset pack), the keychain, the fruit, the guitar, and the wallet (all done by Alex Ireland, a collaborator)

Thanks to the collaborators for the help in filling the scene.

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