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SD Magic Trim

SD Magic Trim

Arthur Tasquin
by arthurtasquin on 18 Mar 2021

Here's an attempt at trim texturing using 100% Substance Designer. ------------------------ A L I E N 02

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I wanted to try trim texturing and molding for a while now so I did this substance.

The tutorial on trim texturing by Tim Simpson (polygon academy) really helped me to lay the groundwork of it.

I firstly made a quick sketch about where trims would be and what kind of trims it would be (big, small, molding, emissive part, etc...).

I began with small shapes and with Tile Sampler, I built my trims.

After a while, I realized that I was always damaging the trims with the same nodes so I created a custom node that would take care of damages.

It is definitely harder to think about the layout of texture beforehand but it saves a lot of time afterward. The UV Unwraping is super easy (planar) and it is really optimised as you can texture a set of assets with one material.

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