2nd year Insect / amphibian exercise

2nd year Insect / amphibian exercise

Camille Lecour
by swipzette on 7 Apr 2021

Here is a 2nd year exercise that lead us to model, pose, sculpt details, texture, shade, light and render an insect or amphibien, then use your render to do compositing and improve our render and create another mood.

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Cynops Pyrrhogaster - Insect / Amphibian Exercise

This is a second year exercise in which we were supposed to model, pose, texture, shade and render a realistic insect or amphibian of our choice. We then had to do compositing over our render and even do a small animation with camera movement. This project took 11 weeks for all the rendering part and 8 weeks for the compositing.

Here are some steps I went through for that exercise: modeling, rigging (for pose only, not very fancy), lighting (after posing), rendering (after shading and sculpting details) and compositing.

Posing, sculpting details and shading.

The compositing exercise lead us to work with the AOVs to improve our raw render and create another different mood from that same render through color correction, defocus, and other effects.

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