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18th Century Inspired Chair

18th Century Inspired Chair

Gabriella DeJesus
by gdejesus01 on 7 Mar 2021

Wanted to focus on creating a single prop this time so I can work on my retopoing process as well as modeling in ZBrush. I had so much fun with this and learned so much using ZBrush, working with low to High poly workflow and displacements.

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I love creating environments but this time I chose to focus on one prop. I decided to model this chair, using Maya and Zbrush. This was a huge learning process for me and I am truly happy about it. The textures were done in substance. The Cushion aspects of the chair were taken from the free section on the Substance Source website. I learned how to work with displacements, retopoing and uving a Low and High poly model. I also learned in substance Painter how to take my textures to a whole different level.

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