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Camping Tent

Camping Tent

Apostolos Gkantinas
by paulgkantinas on 6 Feb 2021

I created this Project for the Rookies weekly Drill , and I'm really exited for partitipating to the contest.

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I am really happy  that I made time during the week in order to participate in this weekly drill . The whole Journey of the project creation  took me about 10 hours start to finish , I used several reference images and lots of excitement and creativity .

This Image is exactly my initial idea about creating a scene includes Tents .

In the second render I used the same models I created but different cam view and position , I found a beautiful picture to use as my sky ,and I retouch some parts of the Image in Photoshop .

I created this image in order to demonstrate the Tent as it is the main feature . 

The journey starts in ZBrush by creating the structure of the Tent . Just I used a 3D cylinder and Bent Curve Deformer to give an organic shape and then I duplicated in order to create the tent's wooden structure .

The real magic is happening in this amazing software , Marvelous Designer for creating the fabric and the entrance , even the zip that actually keep the door closed .

Next my tent creation adventure takes place in Maya , where I used two trees that I created in the past and I duplicated several times ,  a terrain that I tried to give some texture to,  and then I added my new made tent to finalise the composition 

For my textures I used Substance Painter .I hand paint some of the parts and I gave to my tent  dusty and Natural feeling textures 

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