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The Shephard Diorama

The Shephard Diorama

Michalina Gąsienica-Laskowy
by Miszla on 26 Jan 2021

The end project for the Low Poly course at Howest DAE. The goal was to create a diorama of a Forest Loner living place.

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The person who lives there is a shephard who lives by selling cheese - a special kind called "oscypki". He greets the visitors at front and works at the back.

The assignment was restricted to use Diff/Spec workflow. When I started texturing in 3D PBR was already a standard. Limiting what I could do was at the beginning very frustrating but at the end I appreciated challenges which came with it.

I'm the most proud of the Watermill model. I googled a very nice reference, but it was limited to only the outside view. I had a no idea how the inner mechanism looks like. Then I realized this building is from my hometown! I went there and shoot a ton of photos. The moment when I realized how every piece is connected was brilliant.

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