Underground Arcade
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Underground Arcade

Katie Murphy
by katiemurphy44 on 17 Jan 2021

A photoreal scene to be rendered in Unity. My aim is to recreate the mood of a cozy bar arcade. One where people undercover might also meet in the dead of night.

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Update - 25 Jan 2021

Finished the model for the entrance. Setting the window hights and trying to keep things low poly. 

First Pass textures on the square table, coffee, and top-secret file.

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Update - 23 Jan 2021

Ran into some UV issues, but here's a first very rough pass on the textures!

I'm open for critiques or advice, like you have a better idea for the 4 colors of the lights/sides! ❤

Update - 22 Jan 2021

Made this salt shaker and textured it in less than an hour

Update - 22 Jan 2021

First pass on models and textures for the corkboard!

Update - 17 Jan 2021

Made a square dining table. With a rough pass on the top-secret documents escaping their folder.

First pass on the building.

Made some changes to my concept, making the main room a little bigger to allow more walkway around the pool table and the order window. 

A render in Maya of the new space

I'm excited to get the railings in there. I really like my little spiral staircase. I based it's designed on castle stairs. I watched a documentary on how castles were really built and was really inspired. It's a modern castle being built in France, how castles were built in the sixteenth-century there.  All man power and no machines

Update - 17 Jan 2021

I've been wanting to model a pinball game for a while but I've stayed away from it because the reference photos are so hard to decipher

The plan is I'm going to make the individual pieces of the game and then afterward construct the board and design the board art! 

I also made a Tamagotchi-inspired handheld game cause I have always wanted to see a Tamagotchi bar. I based the design off of one of the cities in my webcomic!

This is also a work in progress, I'd love feedback tho!

Update - 17 Jan 2021

Quick diagram I drew before I started modeling. The low poly ended up perfectly matching the topology I drew. I was pretty impressed. 

Update - 17 Jan 2021

Update - 17 Jan 2021

Original concept art drawn my Junior year of DigiPen. Just some midnight doodles.

Top-down floor plan to get the blockout going in 3D