Jingle Bells Cake

Jingle Bells Cake

Olivia Curelariu
by oliviacurelariu on 18 Dec 2020

Here is my Jingle Bells Cake. I've taken a small detour from my retro kitchen in order make this holidays table setting. I wanted get the Jingle Bells mood so bad, that I even made it "snow" inside; I hope you won't hold it against me.

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I’ve done the hard surface modeling in Maya and Zbrush. The fabrics are simulated in Marvelous Designer and then cleaned up and detailed in Zbrush. The baking and texturing are done in Substance Painter. I made the patterns that I used for the textures in Substance Designer. The presentation is made in Unreal Engine. The cake has a total of 4.6k tris (including the cake decorations - the Christmas tree and snowmen). For this presentation I used a set of 4k textures for the cake and one set for the table and tableware.

The sound effect is recorded by juskiddink and downloaded from https://freesound.org/

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