Weekly Drills 033 - #BikeHelmet

Weekly Drills 033 - #BikeHelmet

Gabriele Martin
by yvyz on 20 Nov 2020

BMW inspired vintage helmet for the Weekly Drills contest. Pipeline: PureRef (reference gathering), Blender (blocking, modeling, UVs, shaders), Eevee (rendering), Photoshop (post-processing).

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Weekly Drills 033 - #BikeHelmet

Here's my entry for the weekly drill contest: an old revisited BMW helmet, mainly made of leather. The final design is the result of a combination of multiple different vintage helmets.

After gathering some references into a PureRef board, I started blocking out the main shapes for the helmet in Blender. Once I was satisfied with the main silhouette and forms, I focused on the accessories (goggles and ear pads) and finally on the finer details like stitching and bolts.

Since I was doing all this work on my laptop (which can't be properly defined as a workstation), I decided to create the materials procedurally in Blender and to render in Eevee. This was mainly due to crashes that were occurring in Cycles when I tried to use high-resolution texture maps, made in Substance Painter. It was a sure compromise in quality and fidelity, but at least I managed to get the asset done.

Hope you enjoy it!

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PureRef board for references


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