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The forest library

The forest library

Michalina G─ůsienica-Laskowy
by Miszla on 13 Nov 2020

A personal project made and rendered in Blender during quarantine for CG Boost Challenge. My idea was simple - a forest library, a sanctuary for everyone who is in need to be alone.

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First rough renders aren't necessarily beautiful, but are important to understand the whole creative process.

Next few iterations were oriented on getting the nature and mood right. It still changed a lot during the rest of the process. I also added a little bit of a story.

The idea was solid, but there was still an element missing. The hanging coat seemed crucial to me. I've learnt basics of Marvelous Designer in a few days to create it and add to my scene.

All of the efforts resulted in a final render

Evolution of this artwork is a perfect example of 20/80 rule. The idea is the same, but the final has completely different feeling.

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