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Seaside Cliff Substance

Seaside Cliff Substance

Jérôme Farzamfar
by jeromefar on 3 Nov 2020

Completely procedural rock material. Made in Substance Designer.

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My second substance material! I tried to learn more about shaping rock-like features and cracks. I also learned a great deal about the Tile Random and Tile Sampler nodes to blend single rock shapes into a continuous rock ground and to distribute all the pebbles over it. 

Lesson Learned

It's my first time to generate different masks and to add unique details to the different maps, which I still find to be hard to do right. (Looking at my normal map here, there still is a lot more potential.) This is definitely something that will come more naturally over time and practice.

Not showcased here is my first try to expose different parameters and build a decent sbsar-version, which I found to be real fun. Putting all the work into creating a "UI" for my substance helped me to understand and evaluate my own work very much.

Still a lot to learn! But for now I am happy about the stylized-ish look of it ; )

Thanks to Jaakko Saari and his Youtube Tutorial(s), which were the base of my explorations here!

I am always happy and thankful for comments and feedback on my work!
Thanks for reading :)

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