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#WeeklyDrills 030 #Guitar - James Hetfield's 1976 Flying V

#WeeklyDrills 030 #Guitar - James Hetfield's 1976 Flying V

Ben Wilkinson
by ben17 on 29 Oct 2020

Prop made in few days for #WeeklyDrills #Guitar the guitar is based on James Hetfield's 1976 Flying V

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I like to play a lot of guitar yet I hadn’t created one in 3D, so this week’s competition was great. The model created is based on one of James Hetfield's first guitars, the knock off 1976 Flying V. Keeping in mind that I wanted it suitable for the use in games I was mindful of keeping the meshes density down while still maintaining good forms overall. The model came out to be 21,997 triangles and was presented in Marmoset Toolbag. The model was created in 3ds Max along with the UV’s, this was then taken into Substance Painter to bake and texture, I used decals that I created from reference images in photoshop e.g. the marking on top of the headstock.

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