Weekly Drill 17 - Tequila

Weekly Drill 17 - Tequila

Natalia Cabalceta
by ncab on 29 Jul 2020

A shot of tequila - details in the post!

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I wasn't happy with the two final renders I did:

a) the composition felt empty

b) the shot glass was too "floaty"

c) the refraction wasn't quite there

d) I wanted to position the fingerprints to where you would notice them

So I added a plane for the table, a napkin by the shot glass, rotated the glass, and played around with refraction more and I feel happier with these versions! :) I also toned down the bloom. Maybe in the future when I feel like I am done with a drill, I'll sit on it for a while and tinker more before posting haha

(Older) Final Renders:

I kept it simple with a shot glass of tequila and mezcal, which I learned aren't the same thing - "all tequilas are mezcals, but not all mezcals are tequilas." The mezcal has the worm in it and you can eat it if you want. From what I read, eating the worm is a way to prove your bravery and it is rumored to have "mystical" properties.


I tried to add some details like fingerprints from the bartender on the glass, some rim splashes and a normal map on the liquid to show the slight dip on the edge where the liquid touches the glass. For the final renders I also played with the post settings in Marmoset, like light bloom, focal distance and exposure.

I modeled in Maya, textured in Photoshop and Marmoset and rendered in Marmoset. I brought the final renders into Photoshop to help smooth out the blur transition on the table top because I couldn't figure out how to relax the fade on the shadow catcher in Marmoset.

The was a fun one (refraction, woo!) and I was definitely inspired by the posts this week!

The only issue I noticed, that I would like help understanding, is when I used a Boolean to make the dip in the shot glass:

When I smoothed the final shape out, I noticed some janky polygons. I tried cleaning up the mesh and I tried adding edge loops, but neither worked. So I left as is - but I am looking for answers!

Thanks for checking this out!

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