AUTOcracy | Exhibition & Vents

AUTOcracy | Exhibition & Vents

Anthony Motto
by anthonymotto on 24 Jun 2020

Here is my work from Autocracy, a stealth game set in the future where you infiltrate a Museum, in the search of artifacts. I was responsible for the corridor sections, exhibit rooms, vents and photogrammetry, as well as some of the design elements.

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The Exhibition Rooms

The Exhibition rooms are full of Artefacts, the Museum has multiple exhibitions such as the ‘Empires’ exhibit, ‘Technology in Motion’ and ‘War of Ages’. This is where the hand gameplay in the vents and under the floorboards takes place and where the artefacts can be found.

The cloth banners featured above were done by Louis Stelfox, all other models featured were made by myself.

I made a trim sheet to be used for most of the texturing in my environment 

For the wallpaper I experimented with a new scanning technique. These scans were made by taking multiple pictures on a tripod with different lighting scenarios to bring out all the small details in the materials. The finished scan materials were processed in Substance Designer. I scanned leather, carpet and wallpaper for my environments.

The Vents

The player can use the hand to traverse through the vents to get to new locations, although the player is vulnerable as they can be found while using the hand remotely/



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