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Weekly Drill 10 - Bullet Probe

Weekly Drill 10 - Bullet Probe

Natalia Cabalceta
by ncab on 11 Jun 2020

Bullet probe inspired by one made by Charles Lentz & Sons circa 1899.

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This week, I modeled an old surgical tool called the Bullet Probe. It was used to find bullets lodged inside victims before using forceps to pull them out. The probe that inspired this model was one made around 1899 by Charles Lentz & Sons in Philadelphia, my city. The case holding the probe is modeled after a sketch of one of the cases in their catalogues (you can view them for free here). Eventually, this tool was replaced by the x-ray.

I modeled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop and rendered in Marmoset. The velvet texture was sourced from Substance Share by a user named Loic Anquetil.

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