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George Adams
by georgeadamsart on 5 Jun 2020

Character concept for MassiveBlack challenge.

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Merfolk Hunter

"Andii is a legend among Merfolk hunters. Feared throughout the deep, there was no place to hide from the veteran hunter and their ship, the Silenced Siren."

Done for MassiveBlack character design challenge.

Wanted a very quick turnaround for this character so didn't do much initial exploration just went more or less straight into the design with a predisposed direction and concept in mind.

Above: Reference board. Heavily influenced by Kevin Costner in 'Waterworld', 'Salute of the Jugger' and costume design by my favourite designer Barbara Darragh.

The Merfolk have long sharp claws and protect their territory fiercely. Andii has seen a few scrapes, he is old and beaten, but a master of his craft. 

With his clothing I wanted to combine an outfit that would suit both under the water and above. Light armour with few adornments. Practical but reflective of his notoriety as the best in the game.

Below: My initial sketches, thinking about character archetypes, old and brutish or young and nimble. I decided to merge the two as can be seen in my final sketch which follows.

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