The Red Canyon

The Red Canyon

Francesca Tarabocchia
by francescatarabocchia on 2 Jun 2020

This is my first experience creating a 3D environment, in the last months I've learned how to use Unreal Engine and the workflow necessary in this field. All assets and textures are created from scratch.

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I wanted to make a slightly surreal scene combining the red lights of Antelope Canyon with the bright green of an overgrown environment, to better understand the process of organic environment creation. I was initially inspired by the concept art "cave" from Philipp A. Urlich.

One of the challenges i faced during the process was the creation of the main rock piece that I used to create the canyon.

Ultimately the task that challenged me the most was to learn how to create the foliage, and try to make it work with the environment and the lighting of the scene.

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