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The Cycle

The Cycle

Mao Mornity
by maomornity on 7 May 2020

Short cyberpunk movie. What happened in that city?

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I'm glad to show you The Cycle.

It's my biggest personal project so far, packing all I learnt about Digital art from about two years, and from my last 6/8 months digging 3D world with Blender and VR.

This took two basicaly two months from the first idea, learning required techniques, creating assets, finding other ressources and musics, rendering on Blender Eevee, and finaly making the cut and post.

This is a first step into making bigger pieces of work, Hope you'll like it.

Everything rendered in Blender Eevee, cut and compositing in Vegas Pro.

Several keyframes.

Some Blender layout view.

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