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The Tavern

The Tavern

Michael Jay Thurston
by michaelthurston on 24 Apr 2020

Created for an Environment for games class with Nate Stephens. Combining ideas from a Game Creation class with Anton Napierala and a Texturing class with Forrest Stephen.

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This is another project I had a lot of fun with going from the Concept by Jeon Hyun ho and creating a full immersive game space that a character could run around and fit the scale of the environment. I created my own wood texture In Substance Designer for the medium to small wood details. Then Sculpted the large wood gouges and deformations in Zbrush making sure to give every wooden piece the same treatment. There isn't an object in the room that hasn't been sculpted in some way except for the floor and ceiling/walls which is procedural with some vertex color painting and masking. Layering dirt and different variations on the texture maps for each piece. I utilized a light function for flickering and Unreal's Niagara for the floating dust and atmosphere. I hope you like it.

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