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Swatch M8 - Swatch Texture Plugin

Swatch M8 - Swatch Texture Plugin

Bert Plasschaert
by bertplasschaert on 5 Apr 2020

This script solves all the shortcomings of the Swatch Texture pipeline. ●One-click Color assigning ●One-click color updates ●One-click Value assigning of a complete object ●Database of used swatches ●In-Engine texture iteration all with the performance and speed of the swatch texture pipeline!

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Swatch textures are widely used across Indie and Mobile titles.
They are cheap and extremely fast. As in every workflow, there are some downsides as well.
The main issue is managing all the swatches that you have created if not done correctly can cause slow iteration speeds.

This script solves all that. It automatically unwraps the selected poly's onto the selected or created swatch.
Or use the automatic option where it calculates the light values 100% automatically!
It saves a database of every created swatch and updates the color in one click.

You can open the script within the Unreal Engine and update your texture Without going back into any secondary Program. This allows the user to update the textures in realtime, all with the performance and speed benefit of using swatch Textures.

This script has been used extensively during the development of our groups project Rabbit Rampage

This is still a WIP expect more updates coming soon!

This was my graduation research project. I was interested in the swatch texture pipeline and wanted to improve and streamline it.  
I started by using and dissecting the current workflow and solutions. When I got a global view I started contacting around a dozen companies that use this or a similar technique. One company in particular was super helpful and explained there full workflow, their needs, shortcomings, and solutions. 
Glowfish Interactive uses this and other clever methods for their upcoming game Trifox Check it out!

The research and questionnaire resulted in a clear view and outline. 
As noted above main issues were management and Iteration on large projects.

I managed to solve these issues completely and made it super user friendly. Secondly, I made an automatic mode that compares each face with a light source and automatically decides in which value it belongs. 

We solely used this script for the texturing in our group project: Rabbit Rampage

During that time I pushed it a bit further by porting the Iterative process to Unreal. By doing that we could update the color of each swatch in realtime from within the editor without going back to Maya or Photoshop.

If you are interested in more updates take a look at my Artstation :) 

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