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Teemu Hartikainen
by dmumah on 11 Mar 2020

My entry to "Adobe Dimension & Adobe Stock - The Art of 3D Insects" -competition in Artstation

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My submission to the "Adobe Dimension & Adobe Stock - The Art of 3D Insects" -competition in Artstation. The brief of the challenge was to "create a visually compelling scene using at least one 3D asset from The Art of 3D Insects collection".

I picked "Ornithoptera alexandrae", the Queen Alexandra's birdwing, the worlds largest butterfly. I wanted to embrace the nature of the insect and its habitat in my scene and visualize the impressive size of the insect. The butterfly lives only in Papua New Guinea, Oro province. I created my character "Amura" (means nameless in Maisin, language spoken by the Maisin, indigenous people of Oro Province) trying to stay faithful to the traditional appearance of people living in the area.

"The Queen Alexandra's birdwing" -model was given by Adobe to use in this challenge, everything else is made by me.

Assets modeled and sculpted in Blender and Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter, Grooming in Maya, rendered in Dimension and post processing in Photoshop!

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