Stylized Dungeon
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Stylized Dungeon

David Masana
by echu on 25 Feb 2020

This is my next project: and stylized dungeon

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Update - 2 Mar 2020

After my first entry, I did change my columns and prepared the rough fences. Still no UVs nor textures on those.

The last couple days I focused on the tileable walls and floors. I might have to change the scale on the floor ones, to double its size the next time I get to work on this project

Next steps will be preparing the trimsheets for arches, window and door frames

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Update - 25 Feb 2020

So here's what will be next, an stylized dungeon. I'm currently in the blockout phase. First, I do the blockout on 3DS Max, and once I like proportions I send it to UE4.

Once done, I begin to create the individual assets roughly, as fast as possible but close to the idea I want to have in the end

Thoughts so far? I will be doing more blockouts of the pieces in this scene