North From Here

North From Here

Juuso Voutilainen
by northlogic on 21 Feb 2019

Massive wastelands and ancient fortresses built on glimmering peaks. Reimagination of an older project.

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The warrior is modeled in ZBrush and 3DS Max. Unwrapping ZBrush and texturing in Quixel SUITE 2. The rocks are procedural generation, unwrapping in ZBrush and uses one texture that is mutated through Artomatix for variation. Vegetation assets are scattered with MultiScatter, and were exported from OnyxTree-applications, and use couple Megascan-assets. The mountains were generated in World Creator and PBR-maps were generated in Quixel SUITE 2. The sky is an HDRI which I shot and compiled myself, and it also provides lighting to the scene. The keep is modeled in 3DS Max and textured in Quixel SUITE 2 and the textures are upressed in Artomatix. The clouds and are stock photos.

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