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I have been drawing and taking photos for as far as I can remember, filling up boxes and boxes of art. There is really nothing else I can see myself doing. I discovered 3D less than 4 years ago and developped a passion for it: I've been expressing myself through modeling and sculpting ever since.

At a young age I was interested in cinematography, creative story-telling and MACHINES. Grew up watching Power Rangers and playing Need for Speed. I have always been fascinated by how mechanical objects can develop a sole and create a deep connection with us!

My passion started in this subject when I realised, at around the age of thirteen that the characters in the games I used to play where created with the help of such 3d software’s. That was the moment where my desire to study and work in this field all began. My main focus and skills developed to date is in 3D modelling, preferably characters, environment, concept art, texturing and Look Dev.

After working backstage in theatre for several years, feeling a little lost in the world, I decided I needed to find an opportunity inline with what I am most passionate about, videogames.

I have been playing video games for pretty much whole life but at first, it was for the sheer enjoyment of them. I guess I was a bit of a late bloomer, as I didn't realize what I really wanted to do until the last couple of years at high school; that I realized that I wanted to be in this industry, creating worlds that just as good as the ones I've been playing in, all these years.

Back when I first started playing video games, I was very intrigued how video games were created and I always wanted to produce fun and engaging games. I've been a gamer all my life and I've always felt that gaming is such a dynamic medium, and I forever wanted to be a part of it. Cartoons and Animation films were also a part of my life growing up, I loved every aspect of them and found myself immersed in their fictional worlds.

Everything came into place during covid where, while at home from work, i got in touch with some people which were working with 3D and their work intrested me a lot and so i started spending lots of time on that, which then brought me to enroll in university. I spent the last three years learning different set of skills, but with a focus on modelling hard surfaces for environments, creating UV maps, and procedural texturing in a large range of projects, alone or as part of a group.

When I woke up one day and decided to turn all my ideas into beautifully visualized artworks that no longer linger behind the back of my mind

Studying Programming during secondary school and watching my Teacher 3D model a football stadium in Maya. From then I knew I wanted to continue my passion for games and media in general and create Models.

I knew since I was a child back into Spain, but I could not see any opportunity ahead at that time, then the time pass and I was drawing and modeling in clay but just as a hobby, I used my first Wacom in 2005 . Then I ended in London we’re I had first to learn English to enrol myself in university and turn my passion in career.

Art has really been the one constant in my life, so I just knew I was going to pursue something creative. The more artistic content I consumed, the more I was inspired to create and now, pursue a career in visual development. When I play video games, the first thing I think of now is "I wonder what their artbook is like.."

I first realised this when I was about 13-14 years old and I started messing around with C4D.

I was always very passionate about my dreams and my journey with animation started long time ago.

Since I was a little kid I enjoyed drawing, painting and photography, but it wasn’t until I attended college to study Graphic Design that my interest in the digital creating came to life. I knew this is the career path I want to follow when I was spending all my time coming up with ideas and creating things on the computer. I would wake up and go to sleep thinking about what to learn and create next.

When I turned 16 I participated in a student exchange programme to New Zealand where I met a woman working at Weta Workshop creating costumes, masks and props. I was fascinated by the work they did and wanted to contribute to such amazing productions as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. When I visited the workshop I heard of Weta Digital and of what they do. I realised the endless possibilities that CGI provides and that there are no limits to what I can create as long as I can imagine it.

I always loved sketching and painting for as long as i can remember. When i was 14 years old one of my teachers introduced me to game development and recommended Unity and Unreal, So i learned more about the industry through the internet while i was learning how to make games then when i finished my second year of university i decided i wanted to get involved in the art side of games so i started learning 3ds max, blender and other software used in the industry.