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Stephane Goujon
by stagg on 15 Mar 2019

Ng'ona means crocodile in Chichewa. I've always been fascinated by animals and in this piece I will use a one-line drawing I made as concept art for a sculptural anatomical study of a crocodile leaping out of water to catch an impala.

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Update - 18 Mar 2019

Done with sculpting the skeletons of the animals. Next step. posing the animals and then I'll dive into some hardcore sculpting !

I did a quick sketch to visualize exactly what I want to do. I might have a second impala in there but at the moment I want to focus on just two animals and I'll see but I think I should have time to pose and modify a bit another animal. I think it would add a lot to the composition. Sharing all the process, as rough as it may be ! 

Sharing all the process, as rough as it may be ! Lemme know if you like it :)

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Update - 16 Mar 2019

My references for this project. I took about half of those pictures, going to the National History Museum in London or during past trips.

Update - 15 Mar 2019

I've always been extremely fascinated by animals and, for some time now, I've been meaning to do a piece on animal anatomy. So here it is. I decided to take my one line drawing of a crocodile chasing antelopes and make it a 3D sculpture.