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When i first watched certain anime series and played some amazing games, my interest in this industry was truly ignited.

After immersing myself in numerous games, I became intrigued by the process of creating games, 3D props, and environments. This curiosity fueled my interest, prompting me to learning in this industry.

Every time I watch an animation or a movie, it always inspires me to learn or creating something that can make others enjoy too. Time passed, the urge accumulates, until one day I break free from my common life and venture to this new whole world~

When I was 5 years old, I found that I am very interested in art. I hope that one day I can change this world with my artworks. Art unites people more easily than words.

I've played video games ever since I was a kid. I like to look at the varying art styles of the many different video games I've played, especially the animations of playable characters I'm controlling. After dabbling into coding by making video games, I realise I am more interested in the art side of the development. Thus begins my journey in the creative industry.

I suddenly fell in love with drawing

when i was a kid , i liked to read all kind of comic , so i had fun in drawing .

I've always loved storytelling, creating content for digital platforms, or distributing digitally to reach the public, all the while being diverse with various skill sets.

"Follow your heart and achieve yourself"

I found my passion in the creative media and entertainment industry and decided to apply for diploma in game development

It's all started with the cinematics of Warcraft 3. I was blown away by the details, graphics and the movement of their characters. That's the reason I want to work in this industry as an animator.

Since I was seven years old have been interested in playing Playstation games and artworks.

When I was first introduced to gaming(pokemon/minecraft/super mario), I was blown away by the creativity of the game writers, and when I got into the industry, I could come up with crazy ideas to complete my fantasy world!

I'm always fascinated and interest in Games that are based on TurnBasedRPG/RPG/JRPG (Final Fantasy 7 PS1 Ver) this inspired me highly to wanted to be part of them to make amazing games and so much more.

When I saw the game's character Animated Trailer and their animated stories, I was very interested. These let me know that 3D animation exists, so that I can enter the world of 3D, try them, experience them.

When I was 15 years old, I was very interested in games, so I learned about the industry of 3dmodeling, so I wanted to learn this knowledge

I love to create some amazing and wonderful things

It feels so fulfilling to see myself bringing animated characters to life. Thats why I always want to be an animator.

I was inspires by a Disney movie called Zootopia. I love the characteristic and the animal in the movie. In addition, I'm also like the city with different weather. When I watched this movie, I feel very amazing and make me set a goal to become a 3D modeler in order to model and provide the animation assets and prop.

i love looking manga ,anime and game and 1 day i get attract by the game on ps4 name " Detroit" it amazing , i hope one day i also can build 1 amazing game too

I think what I like to do when I was a kid is to play games. When I was in school, I would doodle on exercise books and even try to make games in blank spaces. So I think I like the hobby of making games, which is Developed at that time~