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After studying photography and seeing the possibilities that the industry offered to create environments

From the first day I saw a render, seeing how the buckets through a virtual frame buffer revealed a project that didn't exist. At that moment I knew that Archvis was the path I wanted to take. Being able to design and create things without limits is one of the best experiences i have ever had. Also seeing all the amazing work that is being made, has inspired me to become a better professional.

at 14 years old

Since childhood, I've been fascinated by design, photography, and intrigued by the mechanics of videogame creation. While I always knew I'd work in a creative field, it wasn't until university, studying interior design, that I stumbled upon architectural visualization. Instantly captivated, I realized it was my true calling.

I liked to paint since I was small, but my future at school was a science career, but I started to looking for info about Interior Design and i found that, this career was perfect for me. Once I was at te career the most interesting thing for me was the ArchViz, then I continued my studies in that direccion and now I'm studying at Schooling since January.

My interest in creative media - particularly in architectural visualization, started during my studies in Architecture. As the development of new and more powerful software and technologies grows, so does my attraction.

The first time that I realize this was my path it was when I received my first videogames console, I became amazed by the limitless possibilities for in that time new technology. After some years I started to followed the advances in different areas and realized that this industry can give every person the capacity to tell a story in the same way that they see it with their eyes and that words cant explain.

I am an architect and I have always liked artistic expressions such as plastic art and music. About three years ago I realized how important graphic communication is in architecture and I have found in architectural visualization the way to merge my passions.

As far as I can remeber, I've always shown interest in arts.

My journey into this world began with digital art. My passion for drawing led me to connect the digital realm with the creative one. Later, I pursued a dual degree in product and interior design, which introduced me to the field of architectural visualization.

Passionate about art in all its forms, but with a focus on architecture through visualization, aiming to convey current changes.

Ever since I was a child, I have had a passion for video games, especially for reconstructions of ancient times. This interest led me to discover architecture as a means to develop these worlds with realism. At university, I learned to represent the buildings I imagined, always seeking a realism that I could not achieve. When I finished, I decided to further my training in order to achieve this level of realism, so I enrolled in the School-ing course. This course allowed me to improve my skills

My first contact with the world of 3D was during my Architecture studies. I was excited about the idea of being able to visualize everything I imagined in the course.

Former model by profession and interior designer who has been trying out what life has to offer, with a professional background and contact with renowed designers, photographers, and stylist in the creative areas, seeking beauty of things. My whole purpose has become to stimulate and heal through emotions, desires and dreams. To be able to convey what you cannot with words, in the most artistically curated way. I hide behind beautiful veils.

I have always had an interest in architecture and photography, but it was not until I was studying at university when I discovered 3D tools and realized that my passion was really architectural visualization and that I wanted to focus my professional career on that more creative aspect.

I realized I wanted to work in the creative industries when I discovered my passion for blending art and technology. It was a moment of clarity when I saw how architectural visualization could bring imaginative designs to life and impact the way people perceive and interact with spaces. This fusion of creativity and technical skill fascinated me and set me on my carrer path.

Having finished my artistic baccalaureate, I began my university studies at the ESD in Madrid in Interior Design. At university is where I discovered the world of 3D and Rendering; from that moment on I realized that I wanted to separate myself from design and immerse myself fully in infoarchitecture. Being part of School-ing gave me the best opportunity to learn, meet people and become passionate.

I have always been a curious and very observant person. It was the first time I held a camera in my hand, that's when I realized that creativity was not only a form of expression, but also a powerful tool for self-knowledge and communication. I discovered that, through art, I could express what words could not. Today there is and we surround ourselves with screens, images, videos and everything related to 3d and animation. It is another way of expressing and developing art.

Studying an architecture degree at the university. I started watching "Arq-Manes" tip videos for architecture students, and then some videos of real time rendering for students. I started to test and explore, and realised that renders were a good option for me to express and develop my artistic lenguage. After that, I started to watch Adan Martin youtube tutorials, practicing more... and I ended up doing the Archviz Professional Course at School-Ing, where I am right now writing this :D

There was always something in me that told me how I could express my ideas and designs in a more realistic way

I discovered my passion for creative industries at an early age, which solidified during my education in performing arts. This passion eventually led me to transition into the field of architectural visualization, where I continue to thrive by blending my artistic background with 3D visualization.

Throughout my life, I have always had an interest in design, which ultimately led me to pursue interior design. It was during this journey that I discovered 3D tools and developed a fascination for architectural visualization. Now, I am focused on expanding my skills and creating images that brings architectural projects to life.