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Learnig at School-ing

Learnig at School-ing

Maria Anchel Garcia
by Mariaanchel on 24 May 2022

This is my step in the 3D architectural visualization course of School-ing. I'm studying here since January.

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Design by Barrionuevo Villanueva Arquitectos. 2021 | Casas - Argentina.
Modeling and rendering by me on 3DsMax and VRay. Postproduccion on Photoshop.

This was my firts proyect at School-ing, I was looking for an easy geometry proyect but finally it wasn't as simply as I hoped. In this proyect I learned how to model geometry correctly, materials, ilumination and one of the most difficult thing for me at that point, Forest.


3D model of BAI, designed by Ander Lizaso in the 2017.
Modeling by me in 3dsMax. Rendering with VRay. Postproduccion in Photoshop.

This was my firts furniture model, and I choose this design thinking about complexity of the geometry and the variaility of the differents legs. The most difficult thing on this proyect was the seat, because the geometry is super organic and it was difficult for me to find the correct form.

With generous proportions and enveloping lines, a versatile piece with a noble and warm appearance. The Bai chair with its steel structure with criss-cross legs that support a shell with soft and organic shapes in polypropylene or upholstered.

Ander Lizaso


Design by HAO Design. 2017 | Kaohsiung City - Taiwan.
Modeling and rendering by me on 3DsMax and VRay. Postproduccion on Photoshop.

In this project the couple had different expectations for the style of their home. The husband was very interesed in metalinc and rough industrial stile and the wife was looking for a simplistic Japanese stile with Nordic cultural quality.

I choose this proyect because I was looking for some space with contrasted materials, using blacks and whites.

For improve my skills on illumiation and materials. 

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