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I would like to create objects for scenes, retouch lighting or do concept art, especially in pixel art. Any new skill or program you teach I would love to be able to learn and perform it as well.

SINCE EVER. I have always been very interested in the world of art, illustration, modeling and animation. Since I was little my favorite hobby was drawing and, together with others, it still is.

In 2014, I took up drawing closely, studying either on my own or in art schools. Also in 2019, I studied relatively superficial website programming and later more in-depth videogame programming. Since then, I want to connect my life with these aspects.

When you enter the Higher Degree of Animation, games and interactive environments..

When I was in high school my art teacher was a very important support who made me love art and made me feel able to work in this field. And as a very creative person I think that this industrie just fit on me, and that is something that the little Angela from the past knew it.