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The Seekers Mechanics

The Seekers Mechanics

Cristina Pardos Bykova
by Cristos on 22 Sep 2023

A small example of the mechanics I developed in a monthly school project called The Seekers. The Seekers is a game in which you play as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies.

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For this project I found information and wrote the following scripts:

- Character movement and attack


- Visual indication of the cursor within a certain radius from the character

- Tutorial Dialogue

- Zombie movement and attack

- Icon above objects that can be used or picked up

- Uses of Grenades and Medicines

- Transition between Cameras and Scenes

- Adaptation of the Upgrade System to the game

- Linking Points to the Upgrade System

- Screen of Death

Mechanics such as the Base for the Upgrade System, Timer, Point Counter and partly the Menu were written by my teammates. 

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