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Since I play videogames for my whole life I wanted to improve my skills to someday help to create big videogames. But now I want to create an art studio to provide my services thru the world.

since i was a child i like to spend time playing videogames and i become interes aswell participate and create those games that i liked, so i think thats the firts moment, as well when the years passed the idea become stronger

Since I was very young I have been interested in the creative world, all the evolution of a project from the beginning and the union of different ideas, from creating a written narrative concept, seeing it in sketches, in art concepts to reach a modeling, programming a world until the end to get a final world, is a process that always seemed incredible to me, seeing in each video game the art books, the production process teams showed this beautiful world.

desde siempre me ha interesado aprender a crear