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If you are new learning 3d this might help u.
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If you are new learning 3d this might help u.

by Onaga on 3 Aug 2022

This was my process to learn how to do a gun.

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Update - 3 Aug 2022

Hope was hit but not destroyed.

This is the first gun I've made and I wanted to give you a record of the process so maybe you can avoid making my same mistakes. 

So Well How everything started? 

First, I wanted to learn how to make guns. That was the reason to learn all of this. Some day I want to work in a big company doing crazy guns that players can enjoy watching and playing with them. I really want to capture experiences in the weapons I made. 

Okay So where did I learn? If you are not new in the 3d or if you are new in the 3d you shoud know Elementza. He helpt me a lot with the process of creation. Learning the basics of topology was fundamental to really improve during the process. 

So I would like to show you how it started In photoshop as a sketchy gun based in the gun from valorant The sheriff. and also wanted to add my own style but being able to do the turoail. So I kept certain essence from the gun in the part of the middle opening. 

Next Step. Textures... But What? I've never done textures before how am I supposed to do them? Just add them to the software right?... Well... NO! You have to do more steps before you send your 3d model to the texturing software

Well, before you send the beautiful 3d model you have to do the UV mapping, this will help the substance to understand how to read your model textures and how the parts of the model connect with others without letting the texture be seen where It starts or ends. 

So super important! UV Mapping.

Then what? Well if you figure out how to do the Uv mapping  I found this video from On mars 3D that helpt me a lot to understand how the hell I should do a mapping without my mind blowing up. 


So then what? Now you need to send the model to Substance Painter and do a Baking process. I found a video in ArtStation Learning that helpt me

So Finally I was able to do a gun correctly textured.

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