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I first realized that I wanted to work in creative media after my first day of 3D animation class way back in my sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately my path was slightly derailed but we have gotten back on track and are in the final stretch!

The first time I knew I wanted to work in games is playing Sly Cooper as a young child. I loved that game so much that I played it front to back and front again, and knew then and there that gaming was a lifelong love for me. I continued to play and play games and watch gaming content, and in college I realized that I wanted to become a 3D artist.

One day, between paying my bills and deciding what to get for dinner I realized I was missing something in my life. I had a good job and I didn't hate it. I just did not love it. So, the first chance I got I enrolled in a 3D modeling class at my local community college and boom, I was hooked. It was love at first sight. After that day I never looked back. I quit my job and became a full time student. Four years later I completed a Bachelors degree and I have never been happier.

I played around with Unity 3D in high school and I took one 3D Modeling Class in College and I was sold! I went to school at Eastern Michigan University and studied 3D Modeling through their Simulation Animation and Game design program!

I have always loved playing games so I wanted to be part of them by helping create them.

I have wanted to work in 3D Modeling and Animation ever since I was around the age of 6 when I saw the 3D animation of Code Lyoko. Now I know that the animation is rather dated and has not aged terribly well but when I was young I thought it was one of the best.