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Quantum Red Demo Reel by Juan Calvachi

Quantum Red Demo Reel by Juan Calvachi

by unbreakabletoon on 27 Sep 2019

The following Demo Reel showcases my skills as a modeler but also my knowledge in all the aspects of the 3D pipeline. The following assets where developed during my 4 year journey towards my Bachelors degree in Animation, Simulation and Gaming from Eastern Michigan University.

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Demo Reel by Juan Carlos Calvachi

Quantum Red

Quantum Red is by far my favorite part of my portfolio. I developed this asset from start to finish, designing the concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, animating, rendering and finally integrating it to live footage as part of my senior project at EMU. Through out this four month long process I used Maya, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop, V-Ray, Matchmover, and After Effects. 

With Quantum Red I wanted to pay homage to my afternoon TV childhood hero Ultraman, but I also wanted to created an original concept so it could be use in future projects.

All modeling, UV unwrapping, rigging and animating were done in Maya. All the texture maps were created in Substance Painter. Some images such as masks, grunge textures, bump maps where generated in Photoshop and later imported to Substance Painter.

Customized HDRIs where created using a Samsung 360 camera. Matchmover helped generate the 3D virtual cameras from the live footage which was recorded at the EMU campus with the help of Nathan Garcia. Nathan is an amazing photographer and a great personal friend. Without his help this project would had never been accomplished. 

The 3D asset was exported from Maya so it could be render using V-Ray in 3ds Max. The final product was later composited in After Effects.

I decided to create a new set of renders for my Demo Reel in order to showcase Quantum Red in more detail. The above video shows the highlights of my senior project which were rendered using the customized HDRIs.

80's Room

I developed this 3D environment for my final project at Washtenaw Community College and decided to update it so it could be included in my Demo Reel. Much like my senior project at EMU I created all the assets in this scene from scratch using Maya and Photoshop. The original project was rendered using Mental Ray so all the textures were updated with Substance Painter and later rendered in V-Ray.

I've always had this big nostalgia for the 80's culture. In this 3D environment I wanted to incorporate the most memorable items from my time in that wonderful decade.  Growing up in South America exposed me to many different shows, not just from the US but from around the world. Tom Baker's Doctor Who sometimes would battled Mazinger Z when I wasn't busy rolling my D20 dice on some bizarre Dungeons and Dragons campaign. However, there was nothing I loved more than an afternoon of Cosmic Cruncher on my trusty Commodore 64.

The above video is my final project at Washtenaw Community College. You can appreciate the improvements done to the scene a lot more after watching it. I still think this short film looks amazing. I am obviously bias. 

Mustang GT500 1967

Finally, the Mustang GT500 1967. Possibly the finest automobile ever assembled. I created this 3D model to showcase my hard modeling skills. This 3D asset was modeled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in V-Ray for 3ds Max. 

This model has over 50 individual parts. I added as much detail as I could in order to get as close as possible to the original. Door handles, antenna, windshield wipers and even a complete break system that can be seen through the tire rims. 

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