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ZBrush Bootcamp

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ZBrush Bootcamp

Discover the power of ZBrush and bring your creative visions to life with this beginner-friendly bootcamp course where you will create your first 3D character - the Rookie Monster!

10 Lessons
52 Enrolled
100 Minutes



Are you a digital artist intrigued by ZBrush but feel overwhelmed by its complexity? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s exactly why we’ve designed our ZBrush Bootcamp, a four-part course that transforms ZBrush novices into confident digital sculptors.

Meet Your Instructor

Your guide through the world of digital sculpting is Pablo Munoz Gomez, a skilled 3D concept and character artist known for his ability to demystify complex tools and techniques. This course isn’t just a set of instructions—it’s a pathway to mastering digital artistry.

Course Journey

  • Introduction to ZBrush: Kick off your journey with the basics of ZBrush, setting a strong foundation for complex skills.
  • Sculpting with Zspheres and Dynamesh: Learn the art of shaping your digital creations using ZBrush’s powerful sculpting tools.
  • Detailing with Custom Brushes and Textures: Dive into the details that bring characters to life, from intricate textures to unique brush strokes.
  • Finalizing with Rendering Techniques: Understand how to render your creations in ZBrush, giving them a polished, professional look.

Your Creation: The Rookie Monster

You’ll apply what you learn by creating the Rookie Monster from scratch, exploring every tool and technique introduced in the course. By the end of 100 minutes, you’ll have a complete digital character to showcase.

Beyond the Lessons

  • Community and Support: Join our active Discord community, where you can share progress, receive feedback, and get support from fellow learners.
  • Showcase Your Work: Complete the course with a video turntable of your Rookie Monster, ready to impress clients and collaborators.
  • Monthly Prizes: Stand a chance to win monthly prizes for the best project submissions, adding an extra layer of excitement to your learning experience.

Why Join ZBrush Bootcamp?

This Bootcamp is more than a learning experience—it’s an investment in your future as a digital artist. Gain a competitive edge, tackle ambitious projects, and open doors to new opportunities in digital art. Start your ZBrush journey with us and turn your creative visions into stunning realities.

Enroll in ZBrush Bootcamp today and start sculpting your future in digital art!

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Learning Outcomes

Discover the Power of ZBrush

Learn about the key features and tools of ZBrush, and discover its potential for digital sculpting and painting.

Create Your Own Digital Monster

Learn how to use Zspheres, dynamic tessellation, dynamesh, custom brushes, textures, and rendering to create a unique and engaging character - the Rookie Monster - that showcases your creativity and skills.

Receive Peer Support and Feedback

Join a private Discord chat to connect with other learners, receive peer support, and get feedback on your work from your fellow students.

Develop Your Skills as a Digital Artist

Gain experience with ZBrush's intuitive interface, tools, and techniques and add a powerful new tool to your toolkit, all while developing your skills as a digital artist.

Badge: ZBrush Bootcamp

Micro-Credential Unlocked

Awarded to members that have completed the ZBrush Bootcamp course in Rookies Learning. Earning this badge demonstrates your expertise and commitment to your professional development. Display it proudly on your Rookies profile to showcase your achievements and stand out from peers.

ZBrush Bootcamp


Pablo Munoz Gomez

Pablo Munoz Gomez

3D Artist - Founder of and

I’m a 3D concept and character artist based in Melbourne. I run the and the 3DConceptArtist websites where I develop different types of training materials and resources to help digital artists improve their work.

Course Roadmap


Settle in to the course, meet your instructor, join the private server and get setup.

Introduction 5 Min View Lesson
Join Server 5 Min View Lesson
What is ZBrush? 8 Min View Lesson
Install & Setup 4 Min View Lesson

Rookie Monster

Dive deep into the world of ZBrush and start learning the foundations and techniques that will last you a life time of creative freedom.

Basic Tools & Blocking 28 Min View Lesson
Essential Concepts & Polishing 20 Min View Lesson
Perfecting Details 33 Min View Lesson
Polypainting & Rendering 22 Min View Lesson
[BONUS] Monster Variations 7 Min View Lesson


Sometimes homework can actually be fun. Share what you've learned, create your own #RookieMonster, and win big.

Monster Assignment 6 Min View Lesson

Start your journey

Start your journey with ZBrush Bootcamp!

Join our vibrant community and elevate your skills from beginner to professional with our ZBrush Bootcamp course. Experience engaging learning modules crafted to help you advance confidently in your creative journey.