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Rookie Monster

Rookie Monster

Rossella Manea
by RossellaManea on 18 Jun 2024 for ZBrush Bootcamp

This is my Rookie Monster that I modeled and textured in ZBrush for the bootcamp.

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Hi everyone, presenting my rookie monster, my submission for the ZBrush Bootcamp. I thoroughly enjoyed sculpting this character, and with the help of The Rookies' video lessons, I've picked up some new techniques. I hope you enjoy it!

I began by blocking out the basic shapes, trying to follow the reference as closely as possible. 

Once I was satisfied with the shapes and volumes, I moved on to integrating the various forms together and then sculpted different types of fur to add to the character. 

For the textures, I used ambient occlusion to create shadow areas, and then applied polypaint to better blend the various colors.

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