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Wei Qiang 3D Artist Contest Entry · Career Opportunity

Wei Qiang 3D Artist Contest Entry · Career Opportunity

Wei Qiang
by weiqiang on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am always motivated to challenging projects to keep enhancing skills and horizon. Always open to new things and keep progressing. Being a self taught CG artist, I am always interested in finding various methods and learning from others to enhance my existing knowledge.

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Fury Tank Hard Surface Modelling

This is the latest personal project, aiming to push my skills further on hard surface modelling. Reference is the "Fury" tank model. All aspects created in Maya. 

Hard surface Modelling for M4 Magpul. References are from the internet. Modelled and UV unfolded in Maya. Texturing in Substance Painter. It was the first attempt of hard surface modelling. I studied a lot from this piece.

This project was going to recreate the still paint by Andrey Morozov. All assets are modelled in Maya. Violin, fruits and books are textured in Mari with diffuse, reflection and roughness maps. Other assets was textured by using Substance Painter.

This is one of the character design from my original concept. I was inspired by the African tribe culture and created this character. Modelled in Maya, sculpted in Zbrush. Detailed maps of human body and leather by using displacement maps in Mari. Textured in Mari and Substance Painter.

A realistic oil paint modelling.

A modelling, sculpting and texturing show reel for some of the best works. 

Creature modelling - Lion

The lion was firstly sculpted in ZB, retopology in Maya. The final result was using displacement maps for details. Big Cat Eyes was a reference pack  I found on Gumroad credit to Jerod Bogh.

Human hand modelling - photo recreation

The hand was sculpted in ZB retopology and animated posing in Maya. Cloth material was created by Substance Painter, hands textured in Mari.

Spartan Warrior

This was inspired by the Spartacus Drama. I really like Crixus' outfit so I recreate his outfit, and the helmet is inspired by some of the AC Odyssey armor set and some concept I found on Pinterest. The human body is the reference model I found on gumroad. I created the rest of the assets.

Photo realistic - Cyber 

All aspect created in Zbrush. Rendered in Maya.

Creatures sculpting & concepts

Here are some creature animals sculpting. All four pieces were sculpted and rendered in Zbrush and Keyshot. A is a likeness of Ceasar. B is a monster concept. C is inspired by the sculpture from Kolokontes' WIP piece. D is a horse sculpting practice.

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