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Nicolette Battad - Portfolio

Nicolette Battad - Portfolio

Nicolette Battad
by nicolettebattad on 30 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi - I'm Nicolette! I'm currently a student at Think Tank Training Centre focusing on Environment Art and I'm happy to share my second and third term projects. I'm an automotive engineer by trade, but am working hard to make the career switch to the games industry!

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Summer Camp Dining Hall

For my third term project at TTTC, I wanted to create a scene that sparked nostalgia, so I decided to replicate a summer camp dining hall (using Camp Kandalore as my main reference). Having never went to camp myself, I relied on friends' experiences and I was lucky enough to incorporate their stories into my artwork. This was a 16 week project from choosing the concept to final renders. I was responsible for creating all assets in the scene - modular building kit and all props. I opted to keep the lighting dynamic.

My scene was completely filled with wood, therefore I needed to create wood materials with flexibility for variation. I started in Substance Designer to create the floor wood, which was then modified to create the other procedural woods used for modular assets.

Here are the props created for the scene and staged in Marmoset, followed by the modular kid for the building. The structure itself is true to real timber framing methods from the book called, "Learn to Timber Frame: Craftsmanship, Simplicity, Timeless Beauty"

I was lucky enough to write an in-depth breakdown of this scene for the Rookies blog and you can find it here:


Laundromat at Night

Laundromat at Night is my Intermediate Term final project at Think Tank Training Centre, based on a photograph by Signe Peirce. I wanted to create a colorful night scene with neons and turn an otherwise mundane location into something eye-catching.

All tile materials were created in Substance Designer and all props were textured in Substance Painter. For the plants, I used the albedo for the leaves.

Washing Machine Hero Prop 

Thanks to my mentor Jason Gullion for the support through these projects and my other friends and classmates at Think Tank Training Centre!

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