Death Guard

Death Guard

by helmutrabe on 30 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My art

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Death Guard Captain

Took some inspiration from "Masters Bidding" By Matthew Farrer


"Emmesh-Aiye had blinded the boy and deafened the girl, and then had cut their arms off at the shoulders. In this way, they were always are of each other, but unable to converse or embrace. Sometimes their master allowed them to sit together, clumsily trying to comfort each other with their cut and scarred bodies unable to embrace, Emmesh-Aiye giggling and trilling with excitement over the misery he was inflicting"

Black Prior


My background for her was she is a nun/nurse character. In a world where the church controls everything. She removes any "sinful" babies. In the process usually killing the mother and child as punishment.

Was inspired by the amazing art of Mike Franchina.

TRIS: 37 054

Black Templar Chaplain Space Marine

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