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Duke's Archives (Dark Souls)

Duke's Archives (Dark Souls)

by azrielprakosa on 12 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A recreation of the a giant library found in the game Dark Souls.

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Duke's Archives

Based on an existing video game, Dark Souls, this library can be found in a place called Anor Londo. A vast library fortress. It includes extensive expertise, including several magical sorts and relics. In this area, players will learn powerful crystal spells, as well as acquire crystal and magical embers and weapons.

Rotating Stairs

There is a special feature within this giant library. A tall and sturdy pillar holding stairs to provide ease of access for different floors on each side of the library.


I decided to recreate it to show my appreciation for the game and its attention to detail regarding the architecture. It was easier said than done, due to the limitation of reference I could find on the internet. To get more ideas on how the spaces work, I decided to roam through the game and explore the library.

Below are the pictures I took in-game to get an understanding of the interior.

Time and Effort

This whole project took roughly 2 months to get done, every detail and texture needed to be perfect so that it doesn't look out of place or it doesn't fit in with the dark theme of the game.

The lighting is the most challenging part of the project. Since the whole area is big and has a huge void in the middle, the interior can get dark and makes it difficult to see. With proper artificial lighting, it can help to give the intended ambiance and feeling.

Video Tour

I've also made a video on exploring the interior by using Lumion to showcase more of the inside of this library. This helps people to get the idea and the appreciation that went into making this project.

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