The Epic Journey

The Epic Journey

André Felipe de Melo Mecheto
by AndreFelipeMM on 20 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hope outlives everything. Here's to hoping my submission catches your eye!

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First of All I'd like to introduce myself!

My name's André Felipe and I'm a 3D Environment artist from Brazil. My passion is making game environments, especially stylized ones, I live and breathe my art and can't fathom doing anything else with my life!

For this submission I tweaked one of my most recent pieces, Paradiso Viatum, the second installment in my Paradiso Series!

I learned so much since the original  I figured I'd tweak it and add some of the feedback I got as well as RVT's and an updated focal point and more 'tech'!

Down here we have my material for the landscape and a video showcase of how I used RVT's to get a nice blend of colors on the grass, super simple material! 

Here are the meat and 'taters of my scene! This prop master material has it all, RVT HeightBlend, world position Z-up grass, gradient mapping for the albedo, or if you'd like just a flat color as an overlay!

 It even has the static switch for the floaty rocks you see! As previously, video demo and material showcase down under :)

Grass shader with strand-based color gradient, wind gradient, color and wind variation based on windlines that are worldspace and some worldspace color variation that I turned off because of the RVT's? YES PLEASE!

It's my baby.

NEXT is the material for my trees! 

These fluffy trees were first introduced by Pontus Karlsson in a Unity tutorial, I ported it to UE with the help of Johannes Burström and some of my own tweaking!

What happens here is that we get a fairly low-poly quadmesh and set every face's UV's to the 0-1 space, we then billboard each face with an alpha applied et-voilá! It gets a nice effect. This shader is in no way production-ready, even though I managed to get great performance using GPU Instancing, over-draw is a concern.

This is it! Thank you for making it this far!

You might've seen the original scene previously, if not and you'd like to see it, I made a video breakdown for stylized station on my first iteration of this scene. I remade it for this post because of how much I've learned since then.

Thank you!

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