Allan Gelman

Allan Gelman

Allan Gelman
by allangelman on 23 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here is a selection of my personal projects!

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Backyard of a Child

I modeled the central house of this scene for my Production Modeling course from CGMA (Computer Graphics Master Academy), taught by Vidya Vinnakota. I was immediately drawn to the "House of a Child" concept art  when I stumbled upon it, because I envisioned my childhood-self trying to build it.

Modeled in Maya. Foliage in Paint Effects and MASH. Fog using Maya Fluids FX. Textured in Substance Painter. Procedural shading, lighting, and rendering with Arnold.

Concept by Lena Kroshilina

The Antique Shop

After taking the CGMA course Procedural Modeling for Production in Houdini, taught by Sean McEwan, I created my own procedural Houdini tool to create straw lampshades. I then created this fun personal project of an Antique Shop to give my lamps a home!

Modeled in Maya and Houdini. Cloth in nCloth. Textured with Substance Painter and Photoshop. Procedural shading, lighting, and rendering done with Arnold.

This is a video breakdown of the Houdini tool I created for this project!


Through this project, I aimed to achieve the same mysterious and dramatic quality as the concept. I had so much fun modeling/texturing this piece and matching the beautiful lighting of the concept.

Modeled in Maya. Textured in Substance Painter. XGen for Hair. Lighting and Rendering with Arnold.

Concept by Rayner Alencar

Snow Queen Kitchen

One of my favorite 3D animated movies is Frozen, so when I found this concept art for the cancelled 2001 Disney movie Snow Queen (the project that later became Frozen), I knew I had to model it. Not to mention that everything in the concept looked so appealing and whimsical!

Concept by Marcelo Vignali

Fairy House

I was mesmerized when I found Gorg Artist's Fairy House concept painting series on ArtStation. I knew I had to recreate it in 3D! It was both challenging and fun, and my favorite part was modeling the wacky windows!

Modeled in Maya. Foliage in Paint Effects. Cloth using nCloth. Clouds using Paint Fluids Tool. Rendering with Arnold.

To see some more of my projects, you can view my demo reel here!

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