Seems Innocent Enough

Seems Innocent Enough

Megan Keith
by megan20 on 14 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a 2D concept project for an imaginary horror game - 'Dolly'. It focuses on three dolls that have been abandoned in an antique shop. Their rage at being left there to rot causes them to break out and seek violence at whoever steps foot in the shop.

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These are subtle variations for one of my doll enemy designs. It was important to make sure it looked like it had been rotting away in the antique shop for many years.

I designed variations for each environment to work out colour schemes. This environment is called 'Dead End' because this will be where the player is trapped after trying to escape the dolls. I wanted it to convey a claustrophobic feeling.

More variations of 'Dead End' to work out the lighting. I used colour overlays to make the environment look cold and uninviting.

The final illustration - 'Seems Innocent Enough'

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