3 Murs & un Toit

3 Murs & un Toit

by HDM on 30 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

"3 Murs et un Toit" made by four students at PoleIIID is a graduation short film. Directed by Hugo DE MAGALHAES, Mathilde DUGARDIN,Wassim EL HAMMAMI and Orane LAFFRA.

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Deeply in her dreams, Ava wanders through the mysterious walls of her childhood's doll house.


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Hugo de Magalhaes - VFX /Tool development/Props Modeling/Texturing/Look Dev/Set dressing

Mathilde Dugardin - Lighting/Rendering/Compositing/Background Art Direction/Rigging/Skinning/CFX/Set dressing

Wassim El Hammami - Character Modeling/Texturing/Look Dev/Props Texturing

Orane Laffra - Animation/Character Art Direction/Character Modeling/Props Modeling

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