Tough Kookie

Tough Kookie

Loup Druet
by loupdruet on 24 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Tough Kookie is a third-person beat'em up game with a twist, set in a fantasized version of the movie-making industry of the '70s. Shoot the most spectacular fight scenes, while managing the scenes’ camera placement to fulfill your goal.

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Tough Kookie

Disco meets kung-fu movies!

Play as Tessa Kirby, a.k.a. Tough Kookie, a groovy martial arts action movie stuntwoman/director of the ’70s, aspiring to become the biggest action movie superstar of her time.

The game is available on right here!


Tough Kookie presents a fantasy in which the player embodies a stuntwoman/director in a movie studio. All the steps of the game loop serve this fantasy.


The game is set in a movie studio which serves as a hub for the experience. The player must interact with the producer of the studio, which provides contracts. The contracts represent movie scenes and scripts to film, which act as levels. Tough Kookie isn’t only about fighting.


As a film director, once a contract is chosen, the player must first of all prepare the fight sequence by placing the cameras that will film it in the pre-constructed scene. The player only has a limited number of cameras to place defined by the contract. Each of these cameras only stays active for a short duration. These cameras need to be placed cleverly as, during the fight, the player will be able to gain score only when fighting inside their field of view.


Once the cameras are placed, the player can get access to the fighting part. During fights, the player must accomplish the most spectacular actions possible, which will be measured by a scoring system, conditioned itself by contracts. They must defeat enemies by making the most out of their kung-fu skills and by using the environment as a weapon. During the game, the player has to learn how to use the environment cleverly during fights and land combos while being able to react swiftly to enemies’ attacks.


When a scene is finished, the player has a visualization of the score on the clap of the movie. The player can then choose to remake the scene to improve the score, or to release the movie, in which case the player will see the results of the box-office arrive in suitcases full of money.


Tessa "Tough Kookie" Kirby is the kickass main character of the game. She's a movie director, actress, and incredible stuntwoman.

Tessa Kirby, our character, with main and alternative suits

Other potential costumes

Details of Tessa's tattoo (adds to the badass factor) and hairstyle research

Sculpt of the face and base costume (also buff arm appreciation picture)

The curliest and bounciest hair you can find in a videogame


Always part of the Tough Kookie Crew, are the brave stunt people who can act out convincingly a fake punch.

Concept and color exploration for the ninjas

Highlights of the work behind the rig of the characters in order to give more style to them


A movie studio can't work without a great team. The ladies of the Tough Kookie Crew are professional creatives and technicians.

Concepts of the trustworthy super-skilled and stylish crew members

Crew Members clothing, hair and skin color variations

Different customization options available to bring diversity to the Crew Members


The movie studio is the hub of the game where everything takes place so extra care was put into it.


The three dancefloor levels are the movie sets in which Tessa is filming her scenes.


Every poster is inspired by movies mostly from the '70s, with little easter eggs from the other projects of our class.

The different versions of the project's key art

Posters of Tessa's previous movies


You can watch the entire playthrough of Tough Kookie below, but you'd be even cooler if you play the game first!


TOUGH KOOKIE is a student graduation project, developed in a year, by 8 students from Rubika Supinfogame, France. The game was made with Unreal Engine 4.

Huge kudos to the development team:

Louis Celeyron, Head Programmer & Tools Programmer

Adrien Côté-Yang-Ting, Head Designer & Combat Designer

Loup Druet, Producer & Vision Owner

Corinne Fenoglio, Character Artist

Julie Jeanvoine, 3D Animator

Tristan Ledieu, Technical Game Designer & Composer

Eric Leduc, Gameplay Programmer

Laura Nadal, Head Artist & Environment Artist

We'd also like to especially thank our additional helpers:

Nicolas Ceriani, VFX Artist

Emilie Reineke & Léo Boudouin, Writers

BPF Records, Sound Design

SimplyUndrea, Voice Acting for Tessa Kirby

Jim Cador, Trailer's Narrator

Paul Hannecart, UI Artist

Boris Dauvergne, Prop Artist

Our dear families and friends, the best <3

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